Friday, January 29, 2016

Little band aid box

First a wink in the direction of the stamp designer:

I love to save my little altoid tins. There's several things I do with them, including making fun little care boxes to keep in the purse or car. Some thing you may end up needing; band-aids, cough drops, antiseptic wipes, q-tips. You never know.
1. It is important to start with a clean and dry tin. 2.The next thing to do is to size down the stamped image and a piece of paper for the back side as well.
3. I used Washi tape on the sides, cutting notches for the hinge area, but I have seen plenty of examples using paint, and myself have considered dipping into my extensive pile of nail polish for this.
4. I added some Stickles to sparkle up the snow at the St. Bernards feet, because I love glitter!
5. You will want to decoupage the top and bottom paper, or add a clear plastic sheet such as self stick laminating sheets.

Another option is a sewing kit, I just get the dollar store ones and transfer them into something much cuter. Again, a perfect image can be found by Mo Manning. These make cute and easy gifts for someone just starting out, or new moms. 

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